Ford & Doonan Solar Energy Systems

Air Conditioning and Solar Electricity – The Perfect Partners

Fact 1-  Air conditioning can be one of the highest consumers of power in your home or office.

Fact 2-  Western Australia is one of the sunniest places on earth!

Whether you’re looking for your first new air conditioning system, upgrading an old system, or just thinking about reducing your power costs, then you’re smart to be looking into Solar PV. Both homes and commercial premises can save significantly every year by investing in a quality solar system from Ford & Doonan. A solar system can pay themselves off in a few short years then you’ll enjoy low cost energy for the future years.

It makes sense while the air conditioning is being installed that the same company installs your solar system. We’ll have electricians and installers on site already, meaning we can pass on those savings to you.

Ask about our “Package Deals” when you enquire about your air conditioning. Solar Systems start from just $2,700 fully installed.

Why Ford & Doonan Solar?

Solar companies have a habit of opening, offer cheap prices, do business for a year or two, and then they are gone!  This can leave you “on your own” when it comes to after sales service or warranty. Can you remember a single solar company from 5 years ago, that’s still in business today?

For 35 years Ford & Doonan have cooled West Australians so you should only rely on a trusted brand to install your solar system, and be available for support long after the others have gone.

The Ford & Doonan brand stands for quality work, quality products, and peace of mind when purchasing air conditioning and now the same applies to solar energy systems.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Ford & Doonan on 9331 8800 or email us at [email protected]

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