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Ford & Doonan Win 2021 HIA Best Customer Service – Supplier Award

Ford & Doonan win 2021 HIA Best Customer Service – Supplier Award at the recent HIA WA Housing Awards Friday 26th November.

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) awards recognise excellence within the Western Australian building and construction sector across the Perth metropolitan, South West, Mid West, North West and Great Southern regions for the last calendar year.

These awards are an opportunity for builders, suppliers and contractors alike to join together to recognise and celebration the truly diverse building and construction sector in Western Australia.

Solar Award Event Table Arrangement

2021 marks the second year in a row that Ford & Doonan have won this prestigeous award within the building sector. Above all, the award recognises success in providing customer service through what can only be described as unprecedented times.

This award is but one of one of the many wins in this category for Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning. Each award is incredibly important to us, and is a true testament to every single member of the greater Ford & Doonan group. Congratulations team.

Andrew Ford, Managing Director for Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning
2021 Ford & Doonan Award

Each year, the talent of the Western Australian building and construction sector is truly amazing. As a company, we’re very proud to be a supplier to this industry, and this Customer Service Award represents everything that the Ford & Doonan brand is all about.

Christian Ford, Marketing Manager for Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning.
Ford & Doonan HIA Award

Winning this year’s HIA customer Service award is an honour. The Ford and Doonan Group continually strive to work with our staff, at all branches, to highlight the importance of the customer experience. Being recognised with this award is fantastic from a Directors perspective, but is also a reflection of the efforts of all staff that interact with the customers on a daily basis. We are proud of our staff and the passion they show to provide the best in customer service.

Raymond Smith, Director of Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for giving us the pleasure of supplying them with air conditioning systems.

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