Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning incorporates heating and is the ultimate in luxury and climate control. Turn on the system from your controller or smartphone via the app, and within minutes you’ll be enveloped in a gentle feeling of warmth. They are almost silent and your air conditioner provides central heating to your entire home or office.

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Reverse cycle heating is the most efficient form of heating so it helps keep your running costs in control. A residential system typically incorporates zones and these zones allow you to control exactly where you want to heat. There is no unnecessary heating of unused rooms, thus saving you valuable energy and running costs. Can you imagine waking up to a warm bedroom then walking to the ensuite that has also been warmed up, all thanks to the inbuilt timer of your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner? Setting the timer before you retire to sleep or setting it to start just before you are due home, means you can enjoy complete comfort without ever having to think about it.

The ducted air conditioner is the most unobtrusive form of heating you’ll find; it is discreet and quiet and the system will heat your home in winter then cool it in summer, like no other heating method can. In addition our unique commercial quality return air filters ensure the air you’re breathing and living in, is clean and dust free. This makes it ideal for allergy or asthma sufferers as the filtered air also reduces dusting throughout your home or office buildings.

For the ultimate in comfort and efficiency, ducted reverse cycle is your best option and adds further value to your property if ever you decide to sell it.


Whichever style of reverse cycle air conditioner is best for your home or work place can depend on many variables. However, the highly efficient reverse cycle process will deliver toasty warm air throughout the winter months and the cool, dehumidified air you crave on those summer days and evenings. What appliance can deliver comfort like this? Only a reverse cycle air conditioner from Ford and Doonan.

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