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How Much Does It Cost To Get Solar Panels in Perth?

Purchasing Solar PV in Western Australia helps reduce your carbon footprint from the moment its installed. There is no doubt that solar energy has many benefits, for example reducing your carbon footprint through reduced electricity usage and diminishing our dependency on sources of non-renewable energy. Solar panels are an effective way of using the light particle to generate electricity, and are used throughout the world in both residential and commercial applications. In Western Australia, more and more households and businesses are turning to renewable energy, such as solar, that can be used to reduce their household costs. With so many solar options available in the market, how can you make the right choice? How much should you be paying for solar for your home or business? Let us explain how much it costs to get solar panels in Perth.

Is it a good idea to get solar panels in Perth?

Perth is said to be among the sunniest cities in Australia. This is because, according to Bureau of Meteorology, the city receives approximately 5.34 hours of sunlight per square meter, each day. Rather than only use the sun to help your garden grow, or freshen up that summer tan, why not use it to power your home? The vast quantity of sunlight and the reasonable prices of solar panels, make Perth one of the ideal cities in Australia to purchase solar power systems.

Solar power has always been a wise choice, especially the rooftop solar option available in Western Australia. In-fact, it is still considered as one of the best ways of generating electricity for homes. Hence why you see so many portable solar panels on the roof of caravans, campers, and boats parked at Rottnest. Installing one Solar PV system on a roof that has copious amounts of sunlight per day is an excellent way of reducing your power bills and adding value to your home. When it comes time to sell, homes with a fully functional Solar PV system installed are often looked upon more favourable for buyers. But, why so? Does Solar PV actually add value to my home?

Does solar add value to my home?

In short, yes it can add value to your home. But, it has to actually work. Sadly, there are a lot of redundant solar panels still installed on the roofs of Perth homes. The owners, or past owners, simply never got around to replacing the system or removing it altogether when it broke. If you do add solar to your home, and then plan on listing it for sale, be sure to include information in the real estate listing about the make and model of the system, and how much power it can generate. Not sure where to find this information? Simply contact the company who installed the system.

Is solar affordable in Perth?

In Western Australia, Solar PV is an affordable way of powering your home or business. One of the main reasons for this is the RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) or STCs (Small-Scale Technology Certificates) provided by the Federal Government. These certificates were created some years ago to boost the uptake of solar throughout Australia. However, each year these STCs and RECs get less and less until they’re eventually phased out fully. That is why NOW is the perfect time to get solar. Take the rare opportunity when Government is assisting with the purchase cost of solar before it’s gone for good. Another reason why solar is affordable in Perth is the large number of existing solar users. There are a lot of businesses in the residential solar market in Western Australia, meaning demand is high for the product, allowing customers to get the best deal possible.

A normal Solar PV system for a residential home from Ford & Doonan Solar can start from $3,600*. This will provide ample electricity generation for a single storey home. (* = pending site inspection and formal quotation).

In summary, the reason why solar is so affordable in Perth is because of two reasons. Firstly, the STCs and RECs from the Federal Government assist greatly in reducing the capital purchase costs of both residential and commercial solar. Secondly, the large quantity of solar users means there are a lot of providers available in the market to meet this demand.

How much should I pay for solar in Perth?

You can find a good quality residential solar power system within a range of $3,600 – $8,000. As with many electrical components, you get what you pay for. Opting for the very cheapest solar system may lead to challenges further down the line if something goes wrong. Let us explain more in the next heading.

Should I go for the cheapest price?

How many solar companies can you recall that have been in business for 5 years or more? What happens if there is an issue with your Solar PV system under warranty, yet the company installed it has closed up and operating under a different name? Sadly, this is a common occurrence in the Western Australian solar industry. Businesses have a habit of opening up, operating for 2-3 years offering very competitive pricing to the market, then closing down. Once closed, they re-open under a new trading name, meaning they don’t have to warrant any installations they’ve completed in the past. Sadly, this has left countless homeowners and businesses with a faulty Solar PV system and a large service bill because the original company who installed it is no longer in business.

With Ford & Doonan, we have been around for over 35 years. There are 12 locations across Western Australia, and we stand by all installations whether they’re residential or commercial. You have the peace of mind when choosing Ford & Doonan that we will be around to service, maintain and complete any warranty works on your Solar PV system long after the price is forgotten.

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