Reverse cycle heating is the most efficient method of heating your home or office. The split system reverse cycle air conditioner is the most economical way to enjoy perfect year round climate control.

Split Systems

Split systems consist of an indoor unit and outdoor unit. The traditional old window/wall units requiring a large wall penetration, were separated into two units, or “split”, hence the name. The indoor units can be floor mounted (console units) or wall mounted under ceiling or ceiling recessed (cassettes). The wall mounted style is by far the most common in Australia and this is the cheaper of the four indoor unit variations.

The benefits of the split system reverse cycle air conditioners are numerous. These include;

  • Cheaper to buy and install than ducted.
  • Select a single split for the living areas or install multiple units throughout your home or office (the ducted system become more cost effective to purchase if requiring 3 to 4 or more splits).
  • Individual room temperature control as everyone enjoys a slightly different temperature.
  • Reduced running costs; you only operate the air conditioner in the rooms you are using.
  • They can be removed and relocated, leaving only a small 80 mm diameter wall penetration.
  • Bedroom sized splits are quiet. However, the large capacity living room sizes can be noisy on high fan (air noise)

The negatives of Split Systems Versus Ducted:

  • More visually obvious
  • Multiple outdoor units around the home or office
  • Noisier than ducted systems
  • Hot or cold spaces if not all rooms have the units switched on, or if they don’t have a split sytem installed.
  • More maintenance if multiple units versus a single ducted system.
  • Cannot locate indoor units on an internal room as the pipes and drains need an outside wall, so they can exist and join to the outdoor unit.

Multi splits are a single outdoor unit with multiple indoor units and up to five indoor units from a single outdoor unit can be purchased. However, these often cost most than buying and installing individual split systems.


Whichever style of reverse cycle air conditioner is best for your home or work place can depend on many variables. However, the highly efficient reverse cycle process will deliver toasty warm air throughout the winter months and the cool, dehumidified air you crave on those summer days and evenings. What appliance can deliver comfort like this? Only a reverse cycle air conditioner from Ford and Doonan.

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