Maximum protection for your home or office

with Ford & Doonan’s latest innovation.

Deactivate bacteria, viruses and fungal spores living in your air conditioning system with NO chemicals. Suitable for any ducted reverse cycle system up to 18KW.

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Benefits of UV Lamp Technology


Improves comfort and reduces A/C run time, and thus energy use.

Convenient, reliable and affordable with high output 17-inch lamp with one year warranty

Reduced chance of exposure to allergies, colds and flus

Help protect your family or office from viruses today

Supply and install one (1) UV lamp air sanitising system plus a full service of your air conditioner for $1,080*

A UVC air sanitising system is suited to small and large homes where ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are installed. Employing high efficiency, high output ‘green’ lighting that can last up to two years. Once installed, it destroys surfaces and air microbes that grow, migrate and circulate in air conditioning systems such as allergens, infectious agents and odour. These microbes can be serious contributors to poor health and disease.

Germs and moulds living in your air; Aspergillus, E Coli, Alternaria, Pollen, Salmonella and Mould.

How it works?

UVC damages DNA/RNA in cells. Any organic-based cell that is exposed to UVC, absorbs the rays at a molecular level. The organism is then destroyed and ineffective, therefore unable to reproduce and unable to infect. UVC has been disinfecting air conditioning systems in hospitals for over a century. Hospital studies show it substantially decreases infection.


Need more technical information?

*Applicable to one (1) reverse cycle ducted air conditioner up to 18kw capacity and accessibility to to indoor unit. Subject to site inspection prior to installation

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