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Commercial Air Conditioning Perth

Our Air Conditioning Service Perth department understand the importance of keeping your system in good health. Air conditioning is a major investment and is worth maintaining to achieve maximum performance and life span. It is highly recommended that a service plan be put in place through the life of your system. Different air conditioners need different levels of service dependant on their usage. A commercial application puts additional load on a system as it often runs virtually every day of the year and in some cases 24 hours a day. An evaporative system requires different servicing from a refrigerated system as most will only be used for a few months of the year. In a domestic application one visit by a technician per year is all that should be necessary, as long as the owner cleans the Return Air Filter regularly. Commercial sites may need up to four services per year as well as extra visits to maintain filter efficiency. If filters are maintained in prime condition, a refrigerated system should require minimum maintenance as long as regular servicing is done.

With 15 service techs on the road and supported by 5 service administrators, our air conditioning service Perth department is one the largest in WA. Specialising in commercial and residential break down work, scheduled maintenance contracts, air conditioner condition reports and performance upgrades. Supported by a propriety software of field tech tablets allowing for constant contact and up dating to the office of key site information.

Please contact us today to organise a service on your Ford & Doonan air conditioning system.

Ford & Doonan did a great job servicing our unit, you are always reliable and on time.
Anne Chipper

Our air conditioner service department takes care of all Ford & Doonan units. For all service requests click below.


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