Air Con and Solar Energy -
The Perfect Partners.

Ford & Doonan have over 35 years in the WA market and with air conditioning being one of the highest consumers of power in your home or office, it only makes sense that Solar energy was our next logical step in our focus in reducing power consumption and being friendlier to the environment. Installing the right solar system for you will save you money from day 1, and can pay back the full cost within a few short years.

Best Solar Panels Perth

The Forefront in Solar Technology

We are proud to be at the forefront of solar technology in Western Australia. The Ford & Doonan brand stands for quality work, quality products, and peace of mind when purchasing your solar energy system.

The Best in Quality Solar Systems

Expert Service and Technicians

Low Maintenance and Peace of Mind

Smart Monitored Energy Usage

Our focus on the latest technologies, expert consulting and industry knowledge will ensure the most optimal solar installation to suit each customer’s specific requirements.

Welcome to Ford & Doonan Solar

We are committed to give you the best stress-free installation and after-sales service experience in WA.

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Over 35 Years of Experience

Finance Options Available

Large Range of Brands and Packages

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