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Solar inverters process electricity gathered by your solar panels into AC renewable energy for use in your home. It’s important to understand all components when choosing a quality system. Once you’re ready, we offer all potential customers a free no obligation, no pressure home assessment and consultation.

Solar inverters collect direct current (DC) electricity generated by the solar panels and convert that energy into alternating current (AC) electricity to feed into your electrical system. The inverter optimises and monitors your solar panels’ performance ensuring that as much energy as possible is usable and providing real-time information about output and efficiency.

Solar inverters are a critical part of any solar system as they determine the electricity that can be generated and used, and provide essential safety features like over-current protection. Ford & Doonan provides high-quality inverters to ensure that you get the most out of your solar panel system and maximise your savings.

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Solax Power is a leading global provider of inverters known for high efficiency, reliability, and advanced features. Inverters are an essential solar system component and Solax’s quality makes them a popular choice.

High Efficiency

Solax inverters maximise the efficiency of your solar panels, converting as much energy generated into usable electricity as possible.


Built to last with high-quality components and rigorous testing, Solax inverters have ensured performance and longevity.

Advanced features

Real-time monitoring, remote management, and compatibility with a variety of battery systems are just some of the features of Solax inverters.

Easy installation

Solax inverters are compact in form and simple to set up for the easiest and fastest installation possible.

Comprehensive warranty

You can rely on Solax inverters for years to come with their comprehensive warranty.

Ford & Doonan are proud to offer Solax inverters to our clients. Exceptional performance, longevity and quality make them a perfect choice for Western Australia’s solar energy.

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Sungrow Hybrid Inverter

Sungrow Inverter

Sungrow’s Australian office, established in 2012, is in North Sydney.

Sungrow is one of the most innovative solar manufacturers in the world, with over 2,600 employees in research and development. Sungrow has a large range of string inverters – both single-phase and three-phase – which are suitable for any size residential installation.

SMA (Sunny Boy)

SMA-Australia’s range of Sunny Boy inverters offer simple set-up and use through a web interface for ease of commissioning and use, via smartphones using the SMA Connected Service. The SMA Sunnyboy inverter has won numerous awards and is what we consider “best in class” for single-phase residential inverters.

The Sunny Boy range is size and space-efficient, to suit even the smallest of applications.

Available: Sunny Boy 3kw and 5kw single-phase inverters (with 3 phase option for 5kw model).

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Solar Systems - Solar Inverters Fronius


One unique aspect of the Fronius inverters is the SnapINverter technology. This is a wall mounted bracket with the inverter on a hinge system, providing ease of access for future servicing.

A wide range of models are available: 1.5 kW to 20.0kW.

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