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There is more to our solar power systems than just the panels and it’s important to understand all components when choosing a quality system. Once you’re ready, we offer all potential customers a free no obligation, no pressure home assessment and consultation.

sola panels perth

Solar Panels

We have partnered with the most reputable solar PV manufacturers to offer you the best solar panels available in the West Australian market. We’ve selected high-end PV modules from manufacturers with the best track records to ensure we supply top-quality products. This includes Longi Solar and JinkoSolar amongst others.

Solar Inverters Perth

Solar Inverters

Solar inverters process electricity gathered by your solar panels into AC renewable energy for use in your home. We offer high-quality inverters with longer warranties, better features, and generate more power and are far more reliable in comparison to other inverters on the West Australian market. This includes Solax Power and Sungrow amongst others.

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