A system that is installed correctly will run more efficiently and reduce the chance of problems occurring down the track – it is that simple. So we take account of absolutely everything: accessibility, dimensions, security of fixings and supports, condenser locations; we commission the building for maximum efficiency while satisfying comfort requirements. We do all this while following strict guidelines for each system installed. We also specialise in commissioning and support for new and recently retrofitted sites to ensure your system is working as it should.

Only trained and accredited Ford & Doonan teams will ever install your system. They work according to our detailed procedures and are required to comply with stringent regulations when fitting systems. If areas are occupied we will do all we can to minimise disruption or postpone work until it is convenient.

Ford & Doonan advantages:

  • Stringent quality control procedures
  • High quality fixtures, fittings and parts
  • Fully integrated service ensures a smooth transition
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