Get a Solar PV system For Your Commercial Business

With more and more businesses with a focus being placed on efficiency, it makes sense to take easy steps to reduce your day time operating costs. For a business that’s open the standard 9-5 working week, almost all of the energy consumption is happening during the day.

So, why not use the sun to power your business? By installing a solar PV system from Ford & Doonan Solar, you can significantly reduce your day time operating costs and your carbon foot print at the same time. With the cost of electricity rising by 3.5% in Western Australia this year alone, it is important for business owners to protect themselves against future tariff increases and reduce operational costs.

Not only that, but you’ll be adding value to the building and your brand.

Don’t own the building, or just a tenant? We can help you work with the owner to share the cost of installation, but reap all the benefits.

Solar PV for your business, now available from Ford & Doonan.

Why Get Solar PV For Your Home?

Save on your electricity bills in your office!

No deposit required *Finance options available

Capital paid back, in full, in as little as 3 years

Reduce your carbon footprint

Improve brand equity with the community

With over 35 years of experience in the WA market, Ford & Doonan have been and will continue to be here long after the others have gone. Ford & Doonan Solar focus on an honest and consultative approach to provide your WA business with the right solution.

One of our Solar Commercial Installations

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Over 35 Years of Experience

Finance Options Available

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