Our drain alarm is our latest innovation and a unique product to Ford & Doonan.

It is intended to further reduce the chance of water damage in the event of a drainage issue. The drain alarm is able to sense moisture within the safety tray located under the unit located in your roof space


  • Audible alarm that warns you moisture has been detected
  • Alarms you of a potentially blocked air conditioning drain
  • Helps to eliminate possible water damage
  • Negates the standard unsightly roof eave drain discharge point
  • Battery operated and easily mutable
  • Located in a pantry, linen cupboard or walk-in robe, the alarm unit will notify you of any potential trouble.
  • The alarm unit is wired back to an electronic water sensor located in the safety tray of the indoor air conditioning unit.
  • The alarm is battery operated, so completely safe to run, and serviced with replacement batteries (DIY). Battery life is approximately 12-18 months and is the owner’s responsibility to supply and fit replacements
  • If the drain alarm sounds, turn OFF the air conditioner immediately. Ensure the batteries are not depleted, before switching air conditioner ON again. If it sounds a second time, turn OFF and do not use the air conditioner. Call Ford & Doonan Service Department for assistance
  • To mute the alarm, either remove the batteries or disconnect he cable from the unit. DO NOT MUTE the unit and still operate the air conditioner. Water damage may result

Drain Alarm Sound Difference

  • Intermittent beeping – similar to a smoke detector. This usually means the batteries need replacing
  • Constant beeping – the drain alarm has detected water, please call Ford & Doonan Service Department immediately

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What is a Drain Alarm

How to change your drain alarm battery

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