For over 50 years, Rinnai has supplied Australian homes with a range of appliances that help people lead comfortable, safe and efficient lifestyles. They’re now taking lessons learnt from complimentary industries and applying it to air conditioning.

Ford & Doonan and Rinnai

Ford & Doonan have been supplying air conditioning to the homes and businesses of Western Australia for over 35 years. We’re careful to select only the best brands to be part of our portfolio of products. Rinnai fits the brief due to their commitment to adopting energy efficient leading inverter technology with dependable after-sales spare parts and service under warranty.

The Rinnai Difference

Experience complete comfort all year round with the Rinnai Ducted Reverse Cycle Inverter System (DRCi). The DRCi conditions the entire home through insulated duct work, providing rapid cooling and heating with excellent dehumidification, all while filtering the air as it is dispersed to each room.

All-In-One Total Home Comfort

Did you know that a Rinnai ducted air conditioners are built to withstand some of Australia’s harshest conditioners? This is due to its ability to cool at temperatures ranging outside rom -15°C to 50°C, and heat from -15°C to 24°C. With features such as auto restart function and innovative DC inverters, Rinnai is taking the market by storm with combining large form factor air conditioning features into cost effective applications.

WiFi control

The Rinnai DRCi features optional WiFi control via an app. The app can be downloaded to a variety of smartphones and allows you to control functions such as turning the system off/on, temperature control and fan speed.

Here’s a walkthrough on how to set it up

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WiFi control

  • Reduced operational costs. Rinnai ducted air conditioners can be up to 3 times more energy efficient than conventional heating. Rinnai systems also comply with the Australian Government’s Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and is rated to Australian Standard AS-3283.3
  • 5 year manufactures warranty outside of Ford & Doonan’s installation warranty
  • Full range of sizes, from 7.1KW to 16.0KW with fast temperature control
  • Efficient ducted heating and cooling, thanks to innovative inverter technology. Such as 3D DC synchronisation technology which ensures a fast and controlled warm up and cool down
  • Easy to use control system that programmable to suit your needs
  • Optional Wi-Fi available on select models that offers remote and mobile access for functionality
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