A/C is not working? 

If you’re a/c is not functioning, there are a number of steps that can be undertaken.

Check that the power is switched on.
Has the power fuse failed?
Has the circuit breaker tripped?
Is the temperature set in correct position?

Not cooling or heating as desired?

Is the thermostat set in the proper position?
Is there an obstruction near the air intake or outlet port?
Is the air filter free from clogging by dust, dirt etc?
Are the doors and windows completely closed?

How often do I have to get my air conditioner serviced? 

Ford & Doonan recommend that your unit is serviced on a regular basis this has been proven to reduce the risk of failure of plant equipment and maintain the efficiency of the overall system.

For equipment subjected to heavy usage, a bi-annual service is recommended, whilst units subjected to lighter usage should be serviced annually.

Can I service the unit myself?

Servicing of air conditioning systems should always be undertaken by a trained and qualified technician. However, you, the owner, can improve the efficiency of your system by undertaking a few simple procedures.

Cleaning the Air Filter 

By simply removing the filters from the unit, (Return Air Grille for a ducted system or the Head of the split system) and washing them in water will improve your systems efficiency.

Domestic: At least every 2-3 months
Commercial: At least once per month

Cleaning the outside panel 

Clean the outside panel by using a soft cloth dampened by a neutral detergent.

A good quality car polish can be applied to the painted surface to increase the paints durability.

Do you have a Commercial Division?

Yes we do! Ford & Doonan’s commercial division can accommodate any type of project be it,

  • Design or construct
  • Quote to consultant designed jobs
  • Budget orientated tilt panel office

Our clients can be confident they are receiving the highest quality equipment, materials, installation and after sales maintenance.

Getting the best from my system

  1. When operating an air conditioning system that utilises the zoning technique, remember the system has only a certain capacity, therefore the idea is to air condition the areas you are in all the time. With this in mind, it then becomes prudent to habitually close the doors that lead to a non air conditioned area, thereby reducing the total area being subjected to air conditioning. This will enhance the effectiveness of the machine.
  2. You will notice that the Return Air Grille is normally located in a central position in the building. It is important to encourage the airflow towards this grille. This grille is drawing the total air capacity of the system through it and therefore requires unrestricted airflow. Depending upon the building you may need to open or close doors around this area to keep the air flowing to this grille.
  3. The Return Air Grille in most cases also contains an air filter. This air filter, depending on the system usage and other air quality factors will need to be cleaned regularly. To do this, simply open the grille and slide out the filter.  In most cases it is best to hose the filter clean, although some people prefer to vacuum the filter. Remember, regular cleaning of the filter will improve the system efficiency.
  4. The condensing or outdoor unit is located in a position to best suit the building and the occupants. It is important to maintain cleanliness around the unit, for example sweeping away any build up of leaves or general rubbish is generally all that is required. It is critical to not inhibit the airflow coming from the condenser, other equipment or general garden paraphernalia should never be stacked on or leant against the condenser. Similarly if a garden is developing around the condenser, this can be an advantage as some of the sound from the condensing unit will be absorbed, although a robust bush can block the air flow so consideration should be given to this, it is also imperative to keep the condensing unit accessible for servicing purposes.

We service all Ford & Doonan units.

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