We maximise efficiency and reliability by designing, installing and servicing fit for purpose commercial air conditioning systems. In doing so we ensure the quality of our solutions and the standard of our service are both of the highest in the industry.

At Ford & Doonan our business is designing, installing and servicing high quality air conditioning systems. We are in business to support your business – maintain operational capability, protect assets and maximise comfort.

So whether you need a small split system or an industrial solution, you can be sure we will put your needs first at all times. We work with a range of commercial clients including developers building complex residential and commercial buildings, the mining and industrial sector, the hospitality industry, schools and universities, retail building owners as well as specialist businesses such as data centres.

I’d like to pass on my gratitude for your efforts attending critical AC issues recently. Thank you for responding without delay – your response to our urgent needs prevented a delay that would have impacted operational capability.
Colin Thomas
Serco Resources & Integrated Facilities

Quality across the board

At Ford & Doonan quality stands for a number of things. It represents workmanship that ensures systems always run at optimal performance. It involves experienced and qualified technicians that know our systems intimately and never take short cuts. It means adding value whenever possible to improve outcomes for our customers, through re-engineering for efficiency or innovative solutions and technology.

Quality workmanship, installation and servicing improves performance, extends the lifespan of systems and keeps running costs lower. Quality design and installation generates truly fit for purpose systems that are tailored to the specific needs of different buildings.

A full spectrum provider

As a full spectrum provider Ford & Doonan can respond to any commercial requirements with engineered solutions backed by comprehensive design documentation, installed and serviced by experienced, trained technicians. From concept to commissioning you can be assured our team will deliver on our promise of quality.

Whether it is multi storey developments or facilities with specialist requirements, our engineers design systems to perform at peak efficiency throughout their lifetime.

Ford & Doonan design advantages:

The design teams bring a number of advantages to our commercial projects:

  • Strong relationships give us the ability to source materials, products and labour in a timely and economical fashion, including mechanical controls, sheet metal fabrication, component and system suppliers
  • A strong commitment to value engineering delivers the optimal cost outcome for clients without compromising on quality
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